Advice on the assembly of portals

Advice on the assembly of portals

 Our advisory services in the assembly of educational portals consist of providing you with all the technical support for the creation of a complete virtual education solution.

Accompaniment for the creation and start-up of a university, virtual college or educational institute, including all technical and administrative needs.

Counseling includes:

1.   Analysis of needs and possibilities
2.   Design and planning
3.   Preparation of didactic and pedagogical content
4.   Advice or conversion of face-to-face courses into virtual
5.   Development of interactive content and Multimedia
6.   Adaptation of the platform to the corporate image
7.   Start up
8.   Facilitator training
9.   Execution and support in the online project
10.  Courses for content editors, and administration of the platform.
11.  Outsourcing (outsourcing) of the solution if required.

Our educational systems have had to be re-adapted to virtual models due to the pandemic. This phenomenon has forced us to change traditional teaching methods for models more adjusted to the virtual environment and that is why through these solutions, Cognosweb offers you the possibility of using the latest educational, pedagogical and instructional design techniques so that the courses are successful on educational platforms.

Our portal:, may serve as an example of your possible solution.

For any information, contact us to provide our advice on our phones, filling out our Contact form or request a quote.