Virtual Stores

Virtual stores have become a great source of income in the modern world, thinking about it, CognosWeb offers you different proposals that will allow you to adjust to your budget and your business model.
Possibilities range from a store shared with other product vendors to a professional store with all the features including inventory management, online sales and social media connection.
We have adaptive solutions according to your needs such as:
1. Store with Domain and Shared Hosting.
It's a standalone store that's accessed with your own domain, (, but your files will be located together with those of other customers (Independents) only share the storage
. This store gives you independence, you can include the products you want, receive orders directly, make promotions, define your shipping costs, update inventory and give you your own image on the Internet and handle backups of information in case of failures. The cost of this solution includes creating the store image and including 20 products, linking to social networks, and SEO, plus a course so you can add more products.
2. Shop With Domain and Own Hosting.
The difference with relation to the store with domain, is that here, you will have a completely independent hosting server, which will give you greater speed, performance and total independence of your business, The cost of the solution includes the creation of the store and the inclusion of 30 products, Course of management and maintenance of the store.
Also ask about our monthly payment plans and promotions, where you can defer the cost of the 6-month interest-free solution.
Connection to Faceb
ook.For stores with domain and domain and hosting, we additionally offer the link with facebook and store visibility on a facebook page. This will allow changes to your Page to be reflected on your facebook page. (only for stores with Own Domain).
For any information contact us to provide you with our advice on our phones, filling out our Contact form or requesting a quote.