Advice on the creation and assembly of virtual courses

Advice on creation and assembly services of virtual courses

CognosWeb, provides you with advice on the creation and assembly of virtual courses, which you require for the design, or adaptation of virtual courses, if you have the knowledge and mastery of the subject, CognosWeb lands your ideas and captures them in a format optimal for the virtual learning environment.

The advice in setting up virtual courses, offers you two options:

1. Convert your courses designed for face-to-face platforms into optimal and suitable courses to be carried out on a virtual platform.
2. Technical support for you to adapt your course to meet your needs, in the event that you have designed it yourself.

Our educational systems have had to be re-adapted to virtual learning models due to the pandemic. This phenomenon has forced us to change traditional teaching methods for models more adjusted to the virtual environment and that is why through these solutions, Cognosweb offers you the possibility of using the latest educational, pedagogical and instructional design techniques so that your courses are successful on educational platforms.

Our portal,, allows you to see how the proposed solutions come true.

For any information contact us to provide our advice on our phones, filling out our Contact form or request a quote. 

Advice on the creation and assembly of virtual courses