Design and Elaboration of special courses.

There are many routine and repetitive courses that can be converted into virtual courses, thus facilitating the learning process of your employees or collaborators and thus reducing the costs of the organization.

Induction or training courses of personnel that require constant offer can be programmed using a virtual platform suitable to your needs.

CognosWeb, offers you the elaboration of courses adapted to your needs, among them are in particular:

  • Induction courses for new employees
  • Courses of operation and management of routine activities.
  •  Tool management courses or specialized software, etc.
  •  Upgrade seminars for your employees
  •  Certification courses for external or internal personnel.
  •  Instructions for your customers regarding the use of products made or marketed by you.
  •  Assessments for employees working in branches or locations far from the parent company.
  •  Propagation of information that is necessary for the good performance of employees and that is of interest
  • Assessments to know if the information was assimilated correctly.

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