Online stores

Online stores

Virtual stores have become a great source of income in the modern world, thinking about it, Cognosweb offers you different proposals that will allow you to adjust to your budget and your business mode.

Possibilities range from a store shared with other product vendors to a professional store with all the features including inventory management, online sales and social media connection.

Shared store scheme

Shared virtual stores is a solution that allows a neighborhood shopkeeper to have an internet window where he can display and offer the basic products and that he can ship home (considering the crown virus) at very low cost, sharing the atmosphere with other similar stores. This store model allows you to receive orders online so that they can be enlisted and dispatched by the shopkeeper.

We offer two store models, the difference is whether it is with image products or simple (no Image – description only).
For a food or food store we suggest a description-only store, since the customer usually already knows the product and makes it easier to handle and can be adapted to the inventory that we have. For example a whole milk bag is similar in many brands and if we handle it as a generic product and so we can deliver anyone we have in stock, in exchange for putting an image of a Parmalat bag, the customer when buying will expect that brand and not another.

Additionally a single product can be easily converted to 5 or 6 if you add the brand of the product.
If you require a solution where the image is important (a store where it is required to see the product, see for example the URANO store) and the creation of complex products with for example, Brands, sizes, colors, sizes that actually generate dozens of products, we suggest a standalone store with its own domain, or a simple store as practical as possible, depending on your budget and what you want to invest in its creation.

Packages Offered and their costs?

  1. Shared store without images

The shared store without images, is a simple store, designed for neighborhood shopkeeper with a low cost and monthly maintenance this can include up to 30 simple products (milk bag, dollar of bread, pound of white rice, or kits or baskets of fixed products, etc.), and the initial cost is just $15 US and 10 dollars of monthly maintenance , if you want to include more products the cost per additional product is $0.50.

  1. Store Shared with Images

The store shared with images, is limited to 20 simple products or 7 products with variations in size, color (clothing), size (S; M; L), Brand, etc. the initial cost of the solution is $50 US and $10 US for maintenance and each additional single product will be $1.0 US.
We also have more complex and expensive solutions according to the needs such as:

  1. Store with Domain and Shared Hosting.

It’s a standalone store that’s accessed with your own domain, (, but your files will be located together with those of other customers (Independents) only share the storage.
This store gives you independence, you can include the products you want, receive orders directly, make promotions, define your shipping costs, update inventory and give you your own image on the Internet and handle backups of information in case of failures. The cost of this solution is $180 US, which includes creating the store image and including 20 products, social media link, and SEO, plus a course so you can add more products.

  1. Shop With Domain and Own Hosting.

The difference with respect to the domain store, is that here, you will have a completely independent hosting server, which will give you greater speed, performance and total independence of your business, The cost of the solution is $380 US, and includes the creation of the store and the inclusion of 30 products, Course of management and maintenance of the store.

Connection to Facebook.
For stores with domain and domain and hosting, we additionally offer the link with facebook and store visibility on a facebook page. This costs $100 US, this will allow changes to your Page to be reflected on your Facebook page. (only for stores with Own Domain).

Our portal,, allows you to see how the proposed solutions come true.

For any information contact us to provide our advice on our phones, filling out our Contact form or request a quote. 


Online stores